show #64: pathfinder

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show #64 show #64

john “pathfinder” lester formerly linden was creating communities for people with disabilities at harvard medical school when 3d persistent virtual worlds and vr headsets were still a dream and/or simply way to expensive to ever get into the hands of the average user.

in the early days at the lab he was instrumental in explaining a concept that was [and is] quite esoteric for many stakeholders in education and the medical field.

times have changed but pathfinder is still focusing on the secret sauce of virtual worlds: the people whose dreams we are allowed to step into.

listen and be inspired:

more for your reading pleasure below:

– john “pathfinder” lester, formerly of linden lab:

rezzing a cube at SIGGRAPH '06 rezzing a cube at SIGGRAPH ’06

– originator of brain talk communities:

– facilitator for marvelous projects at ll such as the adventures of wilde cunningham

[profile from cbs news 2008 >>> ]


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