Hair Base Alpha & Alpha Hair TUTORIAL

Sasy Scarborough

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

With the implimentation of Mesh Heads to the grid, there are now exciting new HairBase possibilities, just like the ones I showed yesterday from LeLutka. Hairbases on mesh heads are usually their own layer, Slink Visage has a NEW Hairbase layer in their recent update in march.

While wearing hairbases is wonderful and really adds to the overall look of a style, it also gives you the oppurtunity to wear styles that are made as attachments for hairbases only. Slicked back looks and so on. Now with hairbases prior to the mesh heads, you have hairbases on the tattoo layer of your head, so all was fine and dandy.

To achieve the same look with mesh heads, the creator needed to use an alpha channel texture that means the hairbase is full of alpha, and will clash with other alpha – example, when your hair seems to cut away the windows…

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