BERDAV Newness

Thar She Blows!

Yo, finally Anu has started building on Qlar Fell. Impressive beeeeg main store building and her traditional old warf build (»goes with me from sim to sim«) are already in place, and she’s busy making textures for the roads and waterwalls. Here, come have a looksie:

anu_002 Enough space for two football fields in this most humble showroom.

anu_004 The old warf build follows Anu from sim to sim and does never look out of place.

anu_005 First visitors are already streaming into BERDAVmarine’s new store … to no avail, tho. No firefighter boats on sale here, Rob. 😦 In fact there are no boats on show/sale here at all yet. If you need a Berdav powerboat urgently, there’s always the unromatic and stupid unfunny way of buying it from the Marketplace. :/

We had a little talk about the style Anu wants to have for her new setup. We chatted in German…

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