Why the banning of Second Life by Twitch is nonsense

Jo Yardley's Second Life

Twitch is a website that allows you to broadcast video of whatever game you’re playing and when a while back a few people decided to start streaming (thats what kids these days call it) Second Life, the company was shocked and horrified.

Because apparently there is nudity in Second Life.
Did you know that?
It’s news to me.

They banned Second Life because it violates their Terms of Service / Rules of conduct.
They also prohibit all versions of games rated Adults-Only according to the ESRB’s Rating Guide.

Now lets see how this applies to Second Life.
I think SL has not been rated by the ‘Entertainment Software Rating Board’, I can’t find it there yet.
Maybe if Linden Lab could get it classified and if they have competent staff there, we could get a sophisticated and sensible rating.

If ESRB would rate it adult, it, according to the ESRB website this would classify the…

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