Waypoint Wonderful!

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Yesterday North Sea hosted the FINALS for the S4L TWELVE METER REGATTA, sponsored by SAIL4LIFE.

12M Finals Option BFour outstanding teams had each earned the right to compete by winning their Qualification Rounds on June 20. The Final Foursome included:

Yesterday they raced a carefully thought out, no-frills Olympic course designed by Ldewell Hawker; Hawk also served as uber Race Director for the Finals event.

Silber Sands and Joro Aya were the principal judges, ably assisted by Iteke and Rolf80 Titanium, and Taku Raymaker and Jane Fossett served as Appeal Judges.

S4L TWELVE METER FINALS 2015 poster 101 fleet

The race conditions were overall excellent, thanks largely to Elbag Gable’s careful attention to sim performance issues for the event. Sadly however, FLORIDA SAILS had to withdraw from the competion when skipper James Munson developed computer problems that resulted in repeated crashes. This was particularly unfortunate, since FLORIDA SAILS was leading the pack in Race #1…

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