Project Sansar Opens Limited Beta

Francesca Bergamasco

Announced August 18, 2015, Linden Lab’s new virtual reality platform, currently called Project Sansar, has opened for pre-beta testing to a small group of invited users.

What is Project Sansar? Ebbe Altberg, CEO of Linden Labs, addressed the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) Conference on May 18, 2015. He said that with Project Sansar, Linden Lab is “building a virtual experience platform from the ground up.”

Altberg said that the Second Life® platform has aged, and while Linden Lab worked with Oculus Rift to make Second Life compatible with the headset, the performance isn’t great because Second Life does not run at the frame rate needed to really be viable for widespread headset use.

He spoke at length about Second Life and how much Linden Lab has learned about virtual worlds. Altberg said that as Second Life has turned twelve, and it is, to date, the “most successful virtual world that…

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