Second episode of Lab Chat returning on 21st January 2016

Daniel Voyager

Great news to hear is that Lab Chat is returning for a second episode on Thursday 21st January 2016 with Ebbe Linden answering questions from the Second Life community.

The second episode broadcast will start at 10.30am SLT in the LEA Theater (LEA2, LEA3 and LEA4) in front of a live audience. The event will be streamed on Second Life’s YouTube channel, AviewTV and SLArtist along with transcript/audio published later.

There will be a special Linden Lab forum set up shortly to submit your questions and then questions will be chosen by the Lab Chat team to be featured on the show. Submit your questions by Friday 15th January 2016.

Lab Chat Team: Draxtor Despres, Gentle Heron, LaPiscean Liberty, Marianne McCann, Elrik Merlin, Petlove Petshop, Inara Pey, Secret Rage, Aisling Sinclair, Arduenn Schwartzman, Lorin Tone, DevinVaughn, Saffia Widdershins, and Jo Yardley

First Epsiode of Lab Chat

More than 180 residents…

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