Goodbye SL

AD Creations Doll House / Aliza Karu

GoodBye SL GoodBye SL

Do not be sad for me, on the contrary. I am happier than I have ever been.
Simply, as often happens in life, everything has a cycle that begins and ends.
Second Life has given me a lot, I did meet beautiful people, fulfill my dream to be designer, organize fantastic events in the cultural and social.
And my commitment has always been recognized.
For this I thank you and I hope you will find the same happiness which I found in my RL.
You should always be grateful for what you receive.
And you must love. Love with the soul.

This is my biggest wish for all of you. Because if you really love, your life will always a smile.
Thanks for these 8 years together!
Aliza Karu

January 24 , 10 am- AD Creations Tribute Show January 24 , 10 am- AD Creations Tribute Show

The AD Creations Sim will close the first days of…

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