How do you fight back without worries?

Strange title for a strange issue that Me and Saphy had to dealt with.

Being used to the spirit of Open sim, i try always to create and build for free and for all to share.

But on Second Life, we can do a lil profit by selling our products in world and marketplace, so we opened a store, both in world and on marketplace, Cybersculpts, where we put some of our builds.

For more then 3 years we keep building for pleasure and for others to share, making many items copy transfer, so any could pass and use them. All for free as the items we sell are no transfer or full perms, but never copy transfer.

One of the items we wanted to share with all, is a yatch, a tribute to Paris after the terrible attacks it suffered.

It was copy/transfer, free and available in world only, at our shop or by users passing it around.

Yesterday, friends told us that someone was selling that boat, as it is, on maketplace.

We contacted the person in question and the reply was.

“If you make it transfer you allow me to do whatever, even selling it, as it is, for the money i feel fit.Read the Sl Tos”.

Well i don’t need to read any to know that if i want to put a product i made, free and available for all, for sure i don’t want any also to be selling it, unless with modifications, that is not this case as the boat is copy/transfer only.

So not only we put the boat, for free as intended, on marketplace, but we also asked our friends to pas it along, as the more have it free, the more can pass to others, avoiding at possible, that some will buy it instead.

Sadly this also makes me stop making free items copy/transfer.

Can not, nor wish to, prevent all the boats and more we made, copy/transfer only, all free, to exist.

But i can avoid any from happening again, no more copy/transfer builds.

We will build for our shop and for sale, full perm, and those any can do whatever, or no transfer.

I will only will build to share, non transfer items.

I m not mentioning the name of the person who did this to us, is not worth.

Dmca, abuse reports and so on, Our faith in LL is not much, still Saphy did all she can regarding this.

So why this post?

Cause I make sure that All will understand that this will not keep me from building and sharing all i love, for free, whenever it pleases me, even if from now on, no transfer, so any that likes and uses my builds will not be able to ass it around, but rather point to the landmark where any can still get it, for free obviously, Pearl dreams Marina, at Vimba.






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