Intolerance, inside and outside SL

Ayesha's Ramblings

None of us can have failed to hear about the current spate of destructive and idiotic behaviour in the USA. That Racism is almost a built-in feature of the US mind-set seems to have been verified by the horrific behaviour of several individuals recently.
Racism is not a concept reserved for the white races, by the way. It is just so much less noticeable in the black and brown-skinned races that when it occurs it is all the more shocking.

America needs to take a long hard look at itself and decide just how it is going to stop the madness that is afflicting it today.  In truth it is more than America that needs to take a long hard look at itself.

But intolerance exists in virtual worlds as well. It takes the form, most often, of a blunt refusal by some to accept the premises and advice of others…

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