Lab blogs on recent Second Life updates

Sadly the only news i can add is that regions are much more down now then up, it almost becomes impossible to sail along blake sea on Sundays due to that fact. I don’t give a fuck about most of what Inara speaks about ( bento is the exception) but i wish that SL crossing sims where back to what they used to be a few months ago.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

secondlifeOn Tuesday, August 2nd, the Lab blogged about recent and forthcoming updates to Second Life. It’s a curious post, offering a potpourri of news, some of which is liable to be familiar to many, some of which might be new / surprising / interesting, even for those of us covering Second Life to the best of our abilities.

First up on the post is Project Bento – the project to greatly enhance the avatar skeleton for use with mesh bodies and bits (human and non-human). I have, and am, covering this project through my Bento updates, so please excuse me if I refer you to those reports for specifics, if you’re unfamiliar with the project and want to know more. If you’re completely new to Bento, you might want to start your reading here.

Bento is still very much a beta project – the viewer-side code has yet…

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