Firestorm “I see jelly people!”

I don’t use it, i don’t intend to, for SL i use Ukando or LL viewer. Still as many deluded users still believe this is the only viewer around.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

firestorm-logoMonday, August 8th saw Firestorm release version of their viewer. Coming a little over four months since the last release, 4.7.9 brings with it a lot of important changes from the Lab – perhaps most visible Avatar Complexity and graphics pre-sets – as well as a large number of nips, tucks, fixes and improvements from the Firestorm team and open source / TPV contributors.

As per my usual MO, what follows is  not an in-depth review of the release, but rather an overview, highlighting some of the more significant / interesting changes, updates and  fixes, which I feel will be of most interest to users.

For full details of all changes, and all due credits to contributors, etc., please refer to the official release notes.

The Usual Before We Begin Notes

For best results when installing this release: Backup your settings then do a full clean install (see

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2 thoughts on “Firestorm “I see jelly people!”

  1. ZZ I still use the LL viewer after experimenting with other viewers from time to time. It works better for me and on the laptop I use. Most of the unsolicited tips I get on how I should improve my photography and machinima are from Firestorm users which has become really become tiresome lately.

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