SL project updates 38/2: TPVD meeting, avatar and object rendering

Latest LL official viewer used yesterday.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Revenland: the castle and townRevenland: the castle and town – blog post

The majority of the notes in this update are taken from the TPV Developer meeting held on Friday, September 23rd. The video of that meeting is embedded at the end of this update, and references to it are indicated through the use of time stamps in the paragraphs below. My thanks as always to North for recording and providing it.

This is not intended to be a transcript of the entire meeting, which featured discussions of some situations specific to individual region rather than SL as a whole. However, key discussion points have hopefully been highlighted.

Server Deployment

There was no update on the Main (SLS) channel on Tuesday, September 20th. On Wednesday, September 21st, all three RC channels should receive the same new server maintenance package, containing further “minor internal changes”.

SL Viewer

VLC and Project Bento RC Viewer…

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