Congratz, Hamlet. ;) — Thar She Blows! Whoa! Yes, what a clever and all-knowing guy our dear Hamlet (Wagner James Au) is. He truly came to the right conclusion. That’s applaudable. And it obviously needs the expertise of such an old expert and ex-Linden to come up with such worthy statements. Too bad only that he and the Wired reporter could […]

via Congratz, Hamlet. 😉 — Thar She Blows!


One thought on “Congratz, Hamlet. ;) — Thar She Blows!

  1. Jane/Joe Average Resident will not participate in an economic system that has been completely rigged to benefit the top 1% at their expense.

    When Grandfathered Tier was rolled out in the Fall of 2006 it marked the turning point for SL. See Jane and or Joe Average may be slow but they aren’t stupid. They can add 2 + 2 for themselves.

    Jane/Joe saw the LL Board (Mitch Kapor) giving a 33.3% minimum business advantage to their competitors – Grandfathered Tier. The Smart Money bailed out early. The true believers stayed for a few years more hoping the LL board would see the light. The LL board is incapable of “seeing the light”. That would mean they have to admit they were WRONG. Their arrogance and hubris prevent that from happening.

    The LL board killed the golden goose. They pissed off our money on one failed project after another. And the latest – Sansar – is also going down in flames. The LL board is actually trying to sell Sansar as a platform for Business users to do teleconferencing on. A boardroom full of MBA’s with VR Googles on??? Are they all on CRACK??? Got any other bright ideas for use of Sansar??? What a record to be proud of! LMAO!!

    And the Turkey Buzzard goes… Hiss 😉

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