Prim allowance going up by a LOT for everyone!

Jo Yardley's Second Life

I wanted to wait till this news was official but everybody inworld and on social media has been talking about this for days now so I thought I’d post what I know ahead of time.
Make sure to check back Thursday when Linden Lab makes their announcement.

Recently people have been noticing changes in the land in the prim capacity of their regions, some mainland regions suddenly had a region capacity of 22500 in stead of the regular 15000.
The islanders (owners of private regions far away from the mothermainland, adrift in the wild virtual seas) were getting worried because their capacity was not changing.
What was going on?

Eventually Patch Linden responded on this forum discussion;


Inara Pey blogged about the prim change as well, promising more information when the official announcement would be published;

Designing Worlds also put this video teaser online;

News that will change your Second…

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