Mont Saint Michel returns to Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Mont Saint Michel - once again back in Second LifeMont Saint Michel – once again back in Second Life

As is being widely reported, Mont Saint Michel has returned to Second Life.

Its return was first noted by Tyche Shepherd during her weekly grid surveys on Sunday, November 21st, and the news quickly spread – my thanks to all who contacted me on the matter.

An announcement about the region’s pending departure was originally made by the region holder, Moeka Kohime, in September 2015, saying the region would be closing at the end of that month. However it was still open to the public in November 2015,  and didn’t vanish from the grid until October 2016.

Following this, there were numerous pleas from users on Twitter and other social media for the Lab to “step in” and “save” the landmark region. While such requests are understandable, they are perhaps not so easily fulfilled for a wide…

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