The reasons why i like to build.

I love building for a simple motive, to see if i can make my dreams true.

Regarding sailing boats, i hate how intrusive the advanced hud looks when i’m sailing, so i made by default it off.

Never intended to make sailing boats for racing, the main goal of them is for what i like them to be used, leisure cruises or romantic encounters. Call them sex beds with sails, i don’t mind.

All above comes as a reply to a “known” general fact that is, “ZZ boats” are not good for racing cause they don’t have advanced hud by default, therefore they don’t meet the expectations.

Let me be clear, the sailing boats made by Cybersculpts, are made for the main purpose of leisure cruising.

Be the free ones, available in world or mt, or the rest.

If any wishes to race them, fine by me and Saphy but please do not think i’ll abide by requests of a group, a community or whatever when it destroys my ascetic taste.


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