SL project updates 2016 50/2: re-caps and Content Creation UG

Well better wait for all being sorted out before involving in any bento stuff. And glad i use my real old AO instead of the freaking in viewer ones. Still wonder is what do beta testers do, over 10000 and nobody did noticed these issues??? 45000 land impact, is what i used to have on my OSgrid regions lol.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Fris' Land, Liebe; Inara Pey, December 2016, on FlickrFris’ Land, Liebeblog post

Server Deployments – Recap

As always, please refer to the server deployment thread for the latest updates and information.

  • On Tuesday, December 13th, the Main (SLS) channel received the same server maintenance package, as deployed to the RC channels in week #49. This includes the following feature requests: BUG-6377 – llGetObjectDetails(id,[OBJECT_ATTACHED_SLOTS_AVAILABLE])  and BUG-40871 – llGetEnv() constant “region_object_bonus”.
  • On Wednesday, December 14th, all three RC channels received the same new server maintenance package, comprising improved internal server logging.

SL Viewer

The official viewers list remains unchanged from earlier in the week:

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