With Ukando not being updated, Options to login in SL?

Ukando is our viewer of choice for long. As close as LL official viewer in looks and with the features that we love (A map designed for sailing purposes, quick tools access button, draw distance slider, copy/past coordinates on buld tools and Rlv).

But as Bento arrives and  builds starting to show (Simone letuka head my Christmas gift as soon as its out) i had to start looking for alternatives.

1st thing to know. We do a lot of crossing sims via sailing and i do mean a lot, is easy for us to travel for over 40 diff regions on a sailing trip.

So when you install any viewer, with a clear cache, all will work flawless until the cache is getting full.

LL advise, do not clear cache, does not apply when one sails and moves across so many different regions, at  least once a month one needs to go to application data, local, and delete or rename the viewer’s cache to make a brand new one from scratch.

Also i do need a feature that Ukando lacks and made me use Kokua open sim version to login at times on Sl, export to collada.

So as LL viewer lacks that feature and i do build a lot using regular prims that i convert to mesh on blander after, i tried 2 diff viewers this weekend.

Firestom, has the quick access button to change Lod, draw distance and windlight settings as ukando and also copy/past on build, plus export to collada.

Pros: the above and good fps, stable crossing sims while sailing.

Cons: it needs a lot of time to adjust it the closer to LL official viewer interface, the one i like.

Flickr snapshot window will not close after taking a snapshot.

Kokua latest release.

Pros: import to collada, copy/past  on build coordinates, as close as LL interface as one wishes, draw distance slider. very god fps, very stable on crossing sims.

Cons: lack of quick tools acess button, so only way to change windlight settings is via menu tab. Same useless features as firestorm: Inbuild ao that i refuse to use, no area search.

So what did i opt to use nowadays?

Saphyre did not stand firestorm interface nor has the will to waist hours changing it to get it the best one can to look like regular LL interface.

So She will stay with Second Life viewer.

Ill be using kokua that allowed me to make a lovely sailing cruise yesterday untill or if Oconnor updates Ukando. and is the closest to LL viewer interface.

Firestorm did run pretty well, but the time one needs to loose to make it as simple as LL viewer interface is a no go for saphy and therefore for me.

Still i fear that  no matter the viewer, as soon as your cache is full, solution to be able to get good fps and stable crossing sims is. To clear it.








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