Inworld Shopping

I only shop in World, Unless it is a full perm item, like Meli imako creations.

Thar She Blows!

tableau_001 The landing place at Tableau …

… is shopping as it’s supposed to be. I love to TP from store to store, from mall to mall and marvel in the sights of the attractions and cool stuffz the vendors have on show. Particularly when you’re just floating around aimlessly it’s quite entertaining and a nice pastime. So right now I was for at least two hours online and spent most of the time in one of my old favourite shopping regions, Tableau. Didn’t even by anything but got inspiration and will prolly purchase something tomorrow.

tableau_002 … is located right across from the Fashionably Dead main store

Nothing against the Marketplace. It has its advantages. But for a nice little shopping outing you gotta be inworld. Not at least in order to support all the fantastically styled and atmospheric shopping regions and to keep the grid busy and full of…

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