Regarding LL letter to trump.

I believed in a dream, a Bernie Sanders one. I wrongly supported trump when the Dem betrayed our hopes.

Now i awake up from the nightmare and denounce trump as a senile neo nazi incompetent, surrounded by even worse neo nazis and fundamentalist extremists.

It is time for America to end the nightmare that keeps pushing us all to the verge of insanity.

Shame is not to acknowledge a mistake and keep supporting that “lil”man and his mad ideas, so close in look and action to the worst of daesh.

I support LL, period.



2 thoughts on “Regarding LL letter to trump.

  1. What do you mean, “the Dem betrayed our hopes?” What hopes are you talking about? If you really did support Trump in any way, you are a fool who has helped this monster and betrayed your fellow world citizens.

    • The party known as Democratic, supported the lies and cheats of Hillary Clinton to get ride of the only worth candidate, Bernie Sanders. Enough said about betraying our hopes.
      I did Support Trump in his fight over Clinton as i knew that she was the worse of all evils, Still think and know that until Americans forget her, Dem par will never be any worth fighting for.
      As being a fool, i do prefer that title that does honor me, as long as i did recognize my mistake of thinking that Trump would not be manipulated by the neo nazis of the alt right movement.
      Sadly many Dem supporters still think that salvation comes from the ones like Obama or Clinton or alikes, those are no fools, just as bad as any Alt right supporter.

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