As a Belleza mesh body user (Freya) it can be frustrating when I see a dress or a top that doesn’t have a size that fits me. I know I can suck it up and use the other brand names, but until I can make a shape that works with them my personal choice is […]

via List of stores with Belleza clothing — Virtual Style 29


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  1. Hopefully the mesh body designers will standardize soon. (Don’t hold you breath.)

    I miss the days when you didn’t have to worry about sizes for the classic avatar. Then I look at my classic avatar and thought goes away!

  2. What you might want to look into are the Omega appliers. This will give you more options.
    Get the one for your mesh body and install it. Then if item you like has an Omega comparability then that will put it on your mesh body. Omega appliers are increasingly becoming almost a standard.

    For example I use the Omega applier to put the Eson (sp) skin on my LeLuka head even though the skin did not have an applier with it.

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