Rumbling about assholes.

Second Life  made me meet amazing human souls but sadly also a few assholes.

Guess that is some we all face it, one time or another.

During a test cruise on blake sea, Saturday i was boarded by an avatar. As i was just arriving at Nyc club i stand up and took the boat back to inventory and finally noticed in local a few words that didn’t made to much sense.

I saw its source, the avatar that was trying to sit on the boat, loo at its profile and realized that it said,  “it is hard to express myself, but i not being rude if im not replying at once, just love to sail and if you can, take me to sail.” (making from memory, not exactly the profile text).

So I just rezzed another boat and after a few minutes of wait as the avatar i question has limits to how he manage to express via local we took course to a round on the blake.

After half hour we returned to port and fro there i went back to rl.

I wondered if i just had pick up my boat and didn’t noticed the local chat i would let someone sad or if by noticing this avatar i do fee sort of guilty for not bothering to read profiles more often. How many times i could take someone to sail for a few minutes and make them as happy if i card a bit for what surrounds me sometimes?

Sadly on Monday, at a after cruise party i found the other face, the asshole one.

Any that knows me know how I love to share my builds, to saphy distress many times, lol.

I decided to offer to those at the party a copy of the boat i sailed with, so i choose avatars close to me and sent all them a copy. Also talked in local about the fact that i was sending all a gift.

Some im me asking what was the thing i had sent to them, a natural question in a world that has griefers and spammers along its members, even if the name was implicit, better check then be safe is a wise rule in SL.

But one im me saying just this: fuckoff.

So i did, just blocking that avatar asap.

Still i must wonder who is the asshole on all this, me that loves to bother all with gifts of my bad and mostly egocentric creations?








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