Why did I quit Rainbow Sailors Cub, or a drama in one act.

Yesterday i was imposed to sail a “Small” boat (whatever that means, small as in number of land impact? as in number of linked parts? in number of scripts? In Size?) due to complains of the rest of of the fleet,  that i was causing lag due to be sailing a “Huge boat”.

If i never ever had sent any of the boats i use to sail for free to all that sail on that group, i could even understand why they could feel that it was not their bad connections, their bad putters or probably their own choice of boats to sail, draw distance, graphic setup or whatever, that was calling that lag, but my sad bad buildings.

But i sent all my builds to most of them along the time, i felt that in fact nobody even cared to try any of them.

Still I can accept that a 280 land impact boat with rigged sails, even if only made of 90 diff parts linked altogether and using the less laggy script available for sl sailing full perms, running at 26 knots and with the biggest size that sl allows (64mx64Mx64m) could cause some disturbance around, on the small channels where we where sailing.

What i can not accept is the feeling that i’m not welcome to sail my builds on a club that is supposed to be better at not discriminating then the rest.

And that a club where i had lots of fun along the Years, is becoming a fan club for a single type of boat, imposing the same wind, same speed, as a rule.

So better state that for all that wish to sail in their cruises upfront.

To end, i debated in a few seconds that Rainbow Sailors cruise is not for me and the type of cruising i like to do, I can accept the same wind for all rule, i can accept the same speed, I can not accept the same brand.

It was fun but it ended. There are other ways of enjoying sailing in Sl without causing issues to the rest. I’ll going to sail solo, playing GTFO, but cruising in packs i fear is out of my league. The last i want is to cause issues to others but the last ill do is to have to sail what others wish.




4 thoughts on “Why did I quit Rainbow Sailors Cub, or a drama in one act.

  1. Sorry to read such posts in 2017, Foneco. The grid is so much better than in 2007, the people are still on the same level of stupidity and ignorance. 😦 I guess everybody knows that you’re using the most unlaggy B-Wind script for your builds. The rest – like your LI or the size of your boat – does only impact people with very very bad hardware.

    And they all say you gotta “be yourself”. But once you are truly yourself they try to alienate you and push you away. 😦 Fukn sheeples.

    • Orca, i know i could do what they wish, i have mesh shop boats in my inventory, also a q2m and a trudeau, i could easily fit in the pack, but i’m a damn stupid rebellious drama queen and love to sail my builds, i even dare to make them reach 45 knots or even 51 at 25 knots wind speed without crashing, while taking ugly pics to my Flickr and my profile feed, i dare to change several times while on the same cruise to sail at least a few of them.
      Well i can only blame myself for not thinking about the rest of the sailors and the easy way to fix that was leaving the cruising community, but i only did it after finishing the cruise:) That at least i did, i ended it all the way back to the last way point and made public my decision afterwards. It was time to stop boring the rest.

  2. People really do not understand what causes lag and so on for others in SL. We had to stop going to watch two of our favorite particles experts because the place they were putting their shows on told us that we were too high in complexity. Sometimes when Ally wears really elaborate things, that might be a true about having a high complexity. For myself, never. I’ve always shown up on the very low end. We, okay I mean she, checked with LL and FS personnel, turns out that complexity doesn’t even really factor into lag. So, maybe it was something like that for you here? People thinking they know more about something than is known often causes issues. In any case, I’m sorry that you lost doing something that you really enjoyed. We miss the particle shows too.

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