A Country that believes it can survive a Nuclear War is a danger to ALL World.

Awake up, American politics, you will not survive as We will not. Time to end nuclear weapons altogether.  USA, Russia, China, UK, France, India, Pakistan, Israel and South Africa, time to make a deal till the end of days.


4 thoughts on “A Country that believes it can survive a Nuclear War is a danger to ALL World.

  1. Uh, errr, Foneco darling, South Africa is a dwarf, they hardly have 100k soldiers and aren’t even able to solve neighbourhood disputes. Last time they tried to help out Lesoto – there was a little rebellion going on against the king – they’ve lost their way since their charts where so outdated. Imagine that: A fuking little kingdom, an enclave in its entirety located smackbang in the center of South Africa … and stupid Saffas got lost on the way from the border to the capital. 😮 So they took their tanks, all two of ’em, and turned back. Made it to the drunken karaoke in their fave South African pub and called it a day.

    Needless to say SA isn’t a nuclear power. Thanks buddha for that.

    All the other countries can go and fuk themselves. 🙂

  2. I grew up during the cold war so I know a few things about nuclear weapons and what the end results will be of a nuclear war. I’m saddened when I see the ignorance that most American’s seem to think such a conflict is survivable.

    I remember “duck and cover” we were told if there were a nuclear attack you were supposed to crouch under your school desk. The logic was that ½ inch of wood over your head would protect you. (OK stop rolling on the floor laughing.)

    Sadly, many people especially politicians seem to think that a nuclear is just that trivial.

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