Yet another stupid dick move by Linden Lab — Mona Eberhardt

Perhaps thinking we had missed its worst, Linden Research Inc. decided to file a trademark complaint with YouTube against one of the biggest promoters, supporters, and advocates of Second Life, blogger/vlogger Strawberry Singh. The “offending” video is a tutorial, included in her “Introduction to Second Life” blog post, in which she explains to new users […]

via Yet another stupid dick move by Linden Lab — Mona Eberhardt

5 thoughts on “Yet another stupid dick move by Linden Lab — Mona Eberhardt

  1. As i can not access that person site all i can say is that i fully agree with you and it feels like LL was claimed by trump supporters all at once. The stupidity of their action is so sad we must rethink the idea that LL cares about their customers, they don’t give a shit.

  2. This may be the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I have been watching LL’s stupidity for twelve years and they go from one disaster to another. Never missing a chance to make a stupid move to denigrate the people who keep them financially alive.

    Currently for personal reasons I am on “vacation” from SL and only logging in about once a month. Now I’m thinking I should make that “vacation” permanent!

  3. Worse is seeing that the “official” blog is not speaking about this matter and it is one that must be spoken off, i believe that some LL employers don’t have the culture about the product they serve nor about the community.
    I wonder how many of these complains have been made in the past and where not known cause the person in question was not a known and respected member of Second Life?

  4. Why are you people still sticking with SL and LL? Move on!

    YOU people give LL the money and power to continue behaving like this; not to mention the marvelous (tech) support you (don’t) get from them..

  5. After 13 years they(LL) still have absolutely no clue who their customers are. Who pays their bills. Who keeps their lights on. They actively work against 90% of their own customer base. It all started in fall of 2006 and hasn’t let up in 11 years. I gave up in 2008, sold all my holdings, and moved on then. LL is hopeless. Specifically the LL board is hopeless… It’s like bizzarro world with the LL Board and Management. They just never learn. They’re clueless. Bat Shiz Cra Cra. SMH

    And the Turkey Buzzard goes… Even this ole carrion eater won’t touch that stinking bloated Sansar corpse… WHEWWWWW. It stinks to high Buzzard Heaven. But SL. It is smelling very nice lately. Belly all bloated. Getting to just the right level of putridness… Licks my hungry buzzard beak in anticipation of that glorious meal. ; )

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