Very Concerning News

Thar She Blows!

… I just received from Sunday (ForeverSundays), in a notecard:

Hi everyone, you know me as Sunny ” or foreversundays” a crazy avatar in sl. but.. this post is from Karen the woman that dresses Sunny .. My dear friend in sl and in rl Allie Tomsen is in the hospital, has been since the 17th of April..Allie is having a very rough Sunny

time.. and 5 surgeries..shes fighting hard..but she is getting tired. so please please.. will you take a moment to send positive thoughts , lite a candle or just say a little prayer for her right now ..and if you have time will you please message her here in world so her family can read all the messages to her so she continues to fight and knows just how much we are all pulling for her … thank you from the bottom of my heart .. Karen…

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