My Favourite Snapshots During 2020 In Second Life

Daniel Voyager

There have been many good memories from my bugs bunny adventures in Second Life during 2020 so far. I am looking forward to my 2021 adventures around the grid and I will share them on my blog throughout the new year. I can’t wait.

Here are my favourite snapshots from 2020 below.

Exploring the roads of the bellisseria continent – February 2020

Visiting the Eiffel Tower in Second Life – March 2020

London City visit – March 2020

Entering the new log homes continent – April 2020

The log homes new land area – April 2020

Bellisseria Fairgrounds – May 2020

SL17B opening day – June 2020

The Stilt Linden homes preview opening – June 2020

Bugs Bunny drinking at SL17B – June 2020

Shopping – June 2020

New party area discovery – July 2020

The cave hangout – August 2020

Summer fun time – August 2020

The railway crossing…

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