OSgrid 10th birthday is happening this weekend — Daniel Voyager’s Blog

OSgrid will be celebrating it’s 10th birthday this weekend (#OSG10B) with a great selection of live performances, live djs playing great tunes and birthday themed events to mark this very special occasion. It’s going to be the biggest party ever on the OSgrid and it’s expected the visitor attendance will be pretty high during the […]

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Rolling Restarts – or “There and Back Again” — Ayesha’s Ramblings

with apologies to Dr JRR Tolkein. Until recently “rubber-banding” was reserved for avatars and vehicles in SL. Now in a new venture Linden Lab have brought “rubber banding” to server software. For the second week running the Release Candidate channels have been rolled on a Wednesday and then rolled back to the tested Main Server […]

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Kokua viewer: looking to the future

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

On Tuesday, July 25th, I received an e-mail from Nicky Perian, lead developer for the Kokua viewer. Sent to the Kokua Dev mailing list, the notice was also later posted to the Kokua website.

In short, Nicky will, in October – and for very good reason – be stepping back from a direct, hands-on leadership role in maintaining Kokua, and he is hoping that those in the community who are able to support viewer development will step forward to fill the void and take responsibility for helping to ensure the viewer continues into the future.

The notice – which I’m sure Nicky will have no problems in seeing reproduced here reads in full:

Hello all,

This coming October I will turn 75 years old. I intend to have minimal (consulting only) involvement with Kokua after that. Hopefully, someone will take over the project or it will fade away.


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