Unbelievable. After nearly 1.5 years of not taking a bath at all, today was already the second day in a row I visited a Japanese Onsen. Let’s see how I liked the experience in Pino Onsen: Public, Bath, Spa, Relaxation, 天然温泉,onsen, ぴの温泉, 混浴, Bathing together,couples, japan, 露天風呂,hot spring, 湯煙, Sentoh, 銭湯,ぴノ湯, 四季, sentou , mixed […]

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While eating breakfast Mr. C. Cow and I, somehow, got on the subject of candy. Candy isn’t a really hard subject to randomly talk about with Mr. C. as he feels it’s an important part of a balanced diet. You try explaining to a cow that chocolate covered almonds are not a side dish! It’s not an […]

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The Spoonful of Sugar festival in Second Life opened on March 18th and runs until April 1st. This is a fundraising event for Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without borders) who are often found providing humanitarian aid in some of the world’s most crisis ridden zones. A previous Second Life fundraiser under this banner raised a…

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Mr. C. Cow and I didn’t go out to a bar or pub or brew-ha-ha for St. Patrick’s Day this year. Yes, we did have a cocktail BUT we drank it in the middle of the woods on a night hike. It beats driving around with all the yahoo’s drinking dyed green beer. Not being […]

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