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Sad times we live in.

Quoting Inara’s Pay blog:


One of the major subjects of discussion with Animesh is enabling attachments to be added to existing Animesh objects. In short, many pets and characters are created as No Modify objects, to help protect their capabilities. Thus, as No Mod objects, Animesh characters cannot be accessorized (the owner of an Animesh horse cannot add  / remove a saddle from an Animesh horse, for example). As Piscine Mackenzie explains in the forum, with highlights by Medhue Simoni, making Animesh pets  / characters Modify opens them to the risk of exploitation.


When Some as important as animesh is halved due to concerns about non mod behavior.

This is the sad state we arrived in Second Life, when to allow any to be modifiable is seen as a danger, i can not even understand how LL even allow some to deny the fundamental base for Second Life success, the fact that all you create could be shared and modifiable by any to their desires. That was the main reason why second life moved forward.

If the non mod paranoia (now even worse with the gatcha fever of non copy items)  had been implemented on the beginnings of Second Life i wonder how much Years it would have last, Second Life i mean.

When a community allows itself to be voiced by greed (Only greed can explain that some wish to not share their creations with the rest) then that community is not worth.

Obviously i don’t deny the fact the creators wish to protect their builds from being steeled, but the fact is, making them no mod does not help any but thieves, who will be always able to use copyboot tools to duplicate any item, be mod or no mod.

What i strongly reassure is the fact that making objects no mod restrains creativity and progress.

My builds, i make them all mod and cause of that i received several inputs in how to improve them, make them more user friendly or just better to react to lag.

And when i see some that modded one of them into some i never thought it was possible then i rejoice, cause ultimately the pleasure of building is to see someone use and improve it in ways the creator never thought it was possible.


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Mesh does not make all equal!

Despite the title, there is more then Maitreya, to many brands to cover and some better.

But the truth is that everyone speaks and blogs only about that brand, while when in world it dominates, it is not the only one.

Why? Personally i think cause users are lazy, they follow the lead. They prefer the average, cause its easy then to try and search for the best.