Horizons land auctions: final round-up

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The Horizons land auctions having finished Horizons: rounding-up the land auctions

On Tuesday, November 15th 2016, the Lab launched the Premium members’ Horizons community, a “retro-futuristic” mainland environment featuring 36 residential regions each with 24 parcels available for auction to Premium members, with auctions commencing on Friday, November 18th 2016, with parcels being auctioned in batches of (generally) 10.

Obviously with 864 parcels to auction, it would take some time to get through things, but Whirly Fizzle and I decided to monitor things to see how they progressed, and I gave a brief snapshot at the end of the first week of auctions, and another when the auctions reached a half-way point.  The final lots of parcels was auctioned on the 12th-14th February, and given this, I’d thought I’d round-out the updates with an overall look at things.

All L$  / USD figures are approximate and based on available data. Some approximations have been made…

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It’s not often that a saucy gentleman in a jaunty mustache tips his hat at you outside of a bar. On a cobblestone street. Ok. In all honesty this happens more than I like to admit. I am starting to wonder if my “hair is larger than the rest of my body” attracts people who […]

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Real life has taken a lot of my time, and it is not at all the pretty and happy stuffs. Second Life has, for the past 10 years, been my escape and home away from home. A happy place without worries, just fun and friends. Being a social butterfly, to me it always was such…

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Jeremiah Spotter – A Celebration of his Life

Thar She Blows!


Kinda shocked to hear about Jere’s passing. From what I hear it was a heart attack he suffered already in October. For more info please ask Silber Sands or Gemma Vuckovich. Silber also made a Flickr album for Jere. More important tho is to attend his Memorial Celebratory Cruise & Party on 18 February, 2pm.

RL Jere and RL Silber in RL Hamburg (2013)

I hope you all will attend. Even lazy Orca shall try to make it.

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Michael Linden’s slippers, a gift from me a number of years ago. I was once told that Lab employees aren’t allowed to accept gifts, but he not only accepted these, he even put them out in his home (SLurl), now renamed Hotel Adriano since he has left The Lab’s employ. It was in this mansion in March […]

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