Mr. C. Cow found an advertisement in a magazine called “Cow’s Monthly” that involved a three-day round trip by train to go sight-seeing. First off, I did not know that Mr. C. got a magazine called “Cow’s Monthly”. There seems to be a magazine for everything and cow news is important news! As for a […]

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Recently the Magellan Sea Community located at the Inworldz Grid, relocated its Welcome Center. Scott Carpaccio, Chair of the Magallan Board and owner of several sims in the Community, has donated land for the rebuild of the existing center. We would like to tender our heartfelt thanks to Anna Loom, a founding member of […]

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What do I even write about today with the news that Britain is waking up to? When you went to bed hearing the news that an explosion had rocked a concert in Manchester and there were fatalities. When you wake up to the news that 22 people, some of them children, have already lost their lives […]

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Over the weekend Mr. C. Cow was able to talk Bishop into letting him throw the biggest barnyard bash this side of the universe. Ok…so it wasn’t the biggest barnyard bash but Bishop did let him plan his birthday party. A small affair with just the family and cake. Mr. C. Cow was adamant that […]

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