Two weeks of Private Regions growth in Second Life — Daniel Voyager’s Blog

For the past two weeks net private regions have increased by 69 since the new pricing structure for private regions came into an effect. This is very good news and shows there is still interest in buying private regions in Second Life at the moment. It’s too early to tell if this growth trend will […]

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Café Racer

Thar She Blows!

Just received a new bike when I logged in world today. Of course by ZZ Bottom. I mean who else would send me multiple vehicles multiple times each week? And I’m really sorry to admit I mostly don’t even unpack them but stuff all the fancy boats, cars, planes and bikes in my inventory. Of course I have a plan to unpack all of them, one day when I find the time, and photograph them all and make a blogstory about it. But for now I only look at stuff that “jumps at me”.

HD sooo NOT a café racer!

And when I read that today, one of at least 10 items was a HD Café Racer … well, I was triggered right away. Explainification: HD stands for Harley-Davidson, the original all-American bike manufacture out of Milwaukee.

Japanese café racer

In contrast to that the café racer culture is a…

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