The Ultimate Gift — Postcards From Tipsy

The stockings had been hung by the chimney with care. We had that whole hope of Saint Nicolas thing going on. Cookies and milk were left out. Carrots for hardworking reindeer (with only one Mr. C. Cow bite mark) had been eaten. The holidays have happened! Huzzah! What did Santa say to Mr. C. Cow […]

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A well deserved absence:)

I guess ill not be logging in and or paying to much attention to blogs in the near future.

The reason is that in my line of work i’had a bit of few free time to blog, read and all the surfing upon the internet.

When i’m home on the other hand, all the time is dedicated to be in world or in blender, so much i got focused i forgot all the rest, the reason for so many lil hiatus on blogging and so on.

Guess that will increase as I’ll be retired in 2 days,  to work only in what i fancy:)

So if my absence gets more noticeable in the near future is all for a good reason, i’ll be enjoying my retiring.

Happy New Year in Advance, let’s the party begin.

Happy Holidays.

Not being a believer, my Rl family neither but my mother, we still vouch by the tradition in my Country, to celebrate the moment on the most regular way, a feast for the useless consumerism of food, gifts and all the stuff all the media shove in our asses during these times.

So shove it well and enjoy the festivities.

Bloggers and Linden Lab trademarks: sanity prevailed — Mona Eberhardt

The talk of the day was #berryCopyright, a (erroneously named, as the dispute was about trademarks and not copyrights) hashtag encompassing a trademark complained Linden Research Inc. filed with YouTube against a tutorial video by blogger/vlogger Strawberry Singh, who shared on her blog what had happened to her. Thankfully, sanity prevailed and Linden Research Inc., […]

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