I had arrived at Fantasy Faire in very good spirits and promptly made my way to The FaireChylde to celebrate the opening of the faire. A DJ merrily played some tunes, not good old bawdy tavern tunes, but decent foot tapping tunes. One of the reasons for going somewhere that played music was because I…

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This year’s Fantasy Faire has representations from six roleplay groups, with varied themes. The NeoVictoria Project have a dark circus roleplay going on. Anansi, where most of the roleplay takes place certainly has a theme that makes me think Papa Lazarou is going to turn up at any second. The Lilipods of Mudrana are sounding a bit…

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Was just at my van, planned to stock up on foodies and drinkies, tidy everything up and do a technical check when I noticed … *SHRIEK!* … one of my stupid stupid altsisters must’ve left an open pizza carton in the van … since weeks, in the heat and sun. The stunning result: Cockroaches! Cucarachas […]

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One thing we, Second Life Bloggers, need from time to time is a nice challenge. A topic or theme to get our inspiration going and perhaps even do something that is out of our comfort zone. For those of you in need of inspiration, and also for anyone wanting to try out something they usually […]

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High on a hillside on the Atoll stands an old enginehouse close to the sim border between Sabre and Pavonia. The Route 6 Rez Zone in Sabre is here for vehicle rezzing. I don’t recall seeing vehicles on the High Mountain Road; I like it for riding on horseback or walking. It is reasonably easy-going […]

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