The Lowest on the chain.

Are the politicians that rule today.

Unfit from birth to do any but cling and climb the steps of power, inside their also unfitted parties till they raise to  position of power, that we all know, they will never fit in, without ideas or ideals, only wishing to perpetuate their power even it that means distorting all the facts to their favor, use all the worst fears to their advantage on their goal to remain in power forever.

No , i’m not speaking only of Donald Trump, sadly, but of majority of the ones that rule democratic countries nowadays.

Merkell, The french pres that i cont even remember his name, the leader of the so called, out but in till i want, England ex empire, the so called commissars and thousands of sub reptilian leaches that feed upon, once a dream, now a nightmare… Democracy.


This is why i don’t believe LL will do any to end the scams and illegal sales on marketplace.

Again and again I ask, why do some still think LL will do any to stop this?
They are the ones that gain with this kind of exploits and they can always invoke the Tos to shell themselves.
Full perms items could be free, even then some would place them on marketplace for a price and all LL will do is to say, it is fp so is not against the tos to do whatever (this happened to my and my soul mate, we have a free copy/transfer only boat in world, someone just upload it to marketplace and sold it, even with the fact that being only copy/transfer, they could not even change the root prim, we filled an abuse report, we placed the original, for free also on marketplace and all LL did was to remove our Original cause it had a link to the stolen item pointing users not to buy that!).
LL only wanted to get their commission so they choose to not remove the item that was for sale and remove the original that was free, and both where the exact same object, root prim s and all included)

These are facts, that show that more then anything LL only worried about making profit, no matter how and cares anything about the rights of its users, be creators or consumers.

And all our friends as well as most of the sailing community knows about the boat in question, the Lionfish Paris!

A critique of D/s — Mona Eberhardt

Much has been written about a type of relationships generally referred to as “D/s”, where “D” stands for “Dominance” and “s” for “submission”. This type also includes BDSM relationships, where the dominant part of the relationship or encounter takes pleasure from causing physical and / or other forms of pain (such as emotional) to the submissive […]

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Wildstar Beaumont’s Sailing in Second Life

This one i must visit:)

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Sailing: Wildstar BeaumontSailing: Wildstar Beaumont

Now open at Ce Soir Arts is Sailing, a nautical-themed exhibition of photography by friend and long-time Second Life resident, Wildstar Beaumont.

Perhaps best known for his work as the official photographer of Relay For Life, and featured artist during the intermission period on Designing Worlds, as well as being the feature photographer for both the former Primgraph magazine and for Prim Perfect, Wildstar visually documents the ever-changing face of Second Life.

Sailing: Wildstar BeaumontSailing: Wildstar Beaumont

As well as sharing a common interest in Second Life photography, Wildstar and I are also avid Second Life sailing enthusiasts and lovers of tall ships; little wonder, then, that I was drawn to this exhibition. Tall ships are a particular focus in the pictures, but other vessels are also offered, with many of them also offering unique views of Second Life’s most famous water-bound locations.


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